Monday, 1 August 2011


Hi everyone,

I feel I need to explain why I've been so quiet here for the past 8 months.

A lot of things have been happening in my personal life that I wont go into right now but I think it's fair to say it knocked me for six. Completely threw my life upside down.

I haven't crafted in 4 months now. This may sound strange as that is the first thing most people do when things get hard - it used to be for me too.

I suppose I just wanted to forget about everything, I would spend most of my time in bed.
I really didn't have the energy or drive to do anything, even the thing I loved most of all.

But anyway, I'm getting better. I have a lot of great friends and family around me which I'm so grateful for. They have got me through this and even have me itching to craft!

But right now I just sit at my desk and don't know where to begin, it's like starting all over again.

I'm not going to make empty promises about updating my blog every week because I don't think I'm there yet. Hopefully I will be soon, but somehow my drive has gone.

I am still an active demo, thank you all so much for your loyalty. This is what makes me want to do my 'thing' again.

Sorry for the long depressing post but thought you at least deserved an update and to know I haven't vanished off the face of the earth (although at times I wish I had!)

Hopefully I will see you all again soon

Take care