Friday, 19 June 2009

Sniffles and sneezes...

Blah!! I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself all week, gone and got myself a full blown cold !

Haven't felt like crafting a lot this week - what with my runny nose and cheese grater throat - but have made a few little pieces that will share with you soon...

So, I've been meaning to blog about this for a while and completely forgot, the lovely Debbie has passed this on to me so here goes!

The rules are as follows :

- Thank the person for the award -- Thank you Debbie! -

- Post a link to their blog -- Click here! -

- List 10 honest things about yourself -- See below -

- Pass on to 7 people -- Also below! -

1. I am a qualified Make-up artist and have worked on films and TV

2. I sometimes stay up all night (literally through the night!!) and watch TV while I craft..

3. I have been with my boyfriend for 6 1/2 years, [we are high school sweethearts] and he is my best friend, aww... ! Lol

4. I have an addiction to nail polish and have at least 40 bottles of Nails inc..

5. I have the biggest crush on Robert Pattinson (who hasn't?)

6. My favourite chocolate is Bourneville, I could eat it all day every day, yumm...

7. If I won the lottery I'd sort out my family and friends then get a craft room and kit it out till it burst!

8. I have far too many shoes and handbags.

9. I love doggies and adore my little baby Paddy. Any chance I get I'll whip out my phone and bore you all to death with pictures !

10. When I'm cold my nose feels like an ice cube!


So, I'd like to pass this on to the following people:








Hopefully I'll be feeling more creative next week and have something to share!

-- Off to try and get some sympathy and chocolate! --

Thanks for stopping by,
take care

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

American Adventure !

Hi all,

Hope your well.
Its been nearly 2 weeks since we got back from Florida but I still feel as if I'm chasing my tail !

It was great, we had a wonderful time. The parks were fantastic - I wish we had ones like that over here.

The villa we stayed in was amazing, quite central too. Hoping to go back with a few more couples next year which I'm counting down to.. hehe

I did manage to pop into Michaels towards the end of the holiday but because I treated myself to more than I probably should have while we were shopping, I had to set a budget lol! [See stash below]

I could have spent the whole day there but didn't think it was fair to expect my friends to endure that !

Can't wait to use that Hello Kitty die, been after one for a while :)

And just as we got back our good friends Lisa and Dave welcomed their beautiful baby boy into the world! Congrats guys!

I can't wait to go see him, I've made the new mummy and daddy some birth announcement cards (see below) which were very easy and fun to make. Hopefully I'll get a chance to post a tutorial on this (I keep saying this but I will get round to it!!)

I've also got really into the little punch animals that I've seen videos of on Youtube. You should check them out if you haven't already, and I sent this card off as part of a swap. The sheep are so cute, I love it! Hope you like it too. (Please excuse my messy work area!)

So that's all from me for today, think I need another holiday, phew :)

Thanks for stopping by,
take care