Friday, 9 October 2009

Another tutorial...

...recycle those ribbon scraps!!

I’ve seen this done on YouTube by a lady called JewelsPaperJewels and thought it was a fantastic way to use all those ribbon scraps that you have left over (I tend to over estimate how much I need and if the ribbon is going on my first layer I don’t wrap it right around, shhhh!!)

The lady on the video can probably demonstrate this better than I can but here goes:

As I mentioned, I often wrap the loose ends around the back of my first layer. Then, I have these scraps left over. I’d say, approx. 1 1/2” is best to use for this technique.

Cut another length of ribbon (or use another scrap if you have one long enough) and loop over, I always go left over right – so it’s easier to follow I’ve marked the left end with a pink dot. Then you’re left with something that reminds me of the Breast Cancer Care ribbon.

Then, if you did it the same as me with left over right, you take the pink dotted end now on the right, and tuck it up through the loop keeping the ribbon flat.

Then lay it flat on the work surface. It’s hard to see from the pictures but basically, where my thumb is in the picture above, that part has been put flat against the paper. Then tighten slightly by pulling on the ends but keep the knot open (see below)

Next, feed a scrap piece of ribbon keeping it flat through the loop you have just made.

And tighten !!

Then just trim nicely and voila!!

You can use different colours or even double up your scraps.

Happy recycling !

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Vicki said...

Hi Nicci, great idea thanks for sharing, are you off to the stamp show at Port Sunlight tomorrow, it's usually pretty good, or are you saving all your pennies for the SU convention!! (hope you have a fab time, I'm sooo

Vicki x

Nicci said...

Hi Vicki, glad you like it! I thought it was a great idea and really wanted to share it. I'm not going tomorrow, I went to the Manchester show at the beginning of September and I'm all spent up now ha!

Elizabeth said...

What a great tip Nicci! I have a pile of bits of ribbon to try with.

SO happy we are all on a webring, so I can visit you regularly.

JanJ said...

Thanks for sharing this Nicci, it's really great, and have just used it on my card!

p.s I popped her using the webring!

Jan xx

Bekka said...

Love the tutorial Nicci - such a great idea :-)

Shaz said...

Great tutorial, thanks for sharing.

Shaz xxx

Debbie said...

Cool idea thanks for sharing :)

valita said...

love this idea thanks so much for sharing it...Valita

Emma said...

thanks for this tutorial Nicci!!
What a great way to use those waste ribbons.. I will definately be keeping those cut off bits now!! (and have a GREAT excuse to hubbie for keeping them!)


oh you are such a clever girlie. brill idea M xxx

Abi Bundy said...

Great idea I used this method for all my convention swaps!

Ibolya said...

This is a great idee, now i know how they make it like this way.

AuroraDawn said...

I knew there was a reason I was keeping all those bits of ribbon ...

Thanks for the tutorial Nicci.