Friday, 30 October 2009

This time next week...

...I'll be in Germany for Stampin' Up!'s first ever Europe convention!!
I'm so excited its untrue!
Slightly nervous about going on my own but it'll be worth it to meet up with all the lovely SU! demo's.

I've got 100 swaps made so far, I'm hoping to cram in a few more last minute if I can, and that's really why I've been kinda quiet recently - apologies - I will take pictures of the swaps and share them with you once I'm back, I can't wait to see what everyone else has created.

And on some non-crafty but realllly moany (lol, sorry!) related news I found out I'm allergic to milk - eekk! That means no chocolate - nooooo!!!!!!!!

Apparently, when I was a baby I was allergic to cows milk and 'grew out of it' but recently my mum noticed from my complaining that I'd got some of the same symptoms back and already being a fussy vegetarian, this means I'm a {although forced} vegan... as if there wasn't enough things I couldn't eat !

Thankfully, I've been told I'm only cutting out dairy for a short period of time then introducing things like eggs and cheese back into my diet and see how I get on. I suppose there's not much I can do about that if I want to feel normal again, so best get on with it!

I'll have to get searching for non-diary recipes online.

And my wisdom tooth is coming through :o(

Sorry, no more moaning from me, just wanted to update you to let you know I've not abandoned my little blog!

Thanks for stopping by,
take care.

5 lovely people have commented :):

Abi Bundy said...

ROLL ON NEXT WEEK germany here we come!!! woo hoo ( not excited about it at all )

Bekka said...

I am really looking forward to next week too - and have not got nearly as many swaps done as you!

I too cant do milk - you will find it is easier than you think to cope and dark chocolate is your friend :-)

See you next week


Vicki said...

Oh Nicci I'm sooo jealous, wish I was going but have a fabulous time and can't wait to hear all about it and see some pics!

Vicki x

Elizabeth said...

SOOOOOOO jealous that I am not coming to Germany - but I hope all you girls have a wonderful time.

Good luck with the milk thing - hope you can cope with the chocolate again soon. :D

Valscrap Démo Stampin up ! said...

Thank you so much for your swap at the convention !!!
See you next year, in London !!!