Wednesday, 5 May 2010


... eek!

Be gentle with me, this is my first video and the quality is not the best. I'll have to get another camera!

You can see the video here.

It is for my ribbon rose, I did a photo tutorial on it about a year ago but thought it would be nice to see it in 'real time'

And I'm not brave enough to speak on it yet haha, will have to practise my telephone voice before I do the next one.

I would appreciate any feedback or ideas for new videos, hopefully this can be something I can do on a regular basis.

Thanks for stopping by,
take care.

3 lovely people have commented :):

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Must remember to come back and view the video Nicci, am off linedancing soon :) I won a set of SU stamps, don't know what the set's called but it's 3 little houses and accessories. They arrived today and I love them, have been busy trying to get them straight on the blocks though :-/ I think the houses are ok now, need to work on the roofs LOL
Anne x

Vicki said...

Hey just watched your video tutorial, it was pretty good, you just got a bit close at the end when you showed the rose, so it was a bit blurry but well done you for being brave ;)

Vicki x

Bekka said...

Love it Nicci - well done :-D