Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A baby card

Hello everyone!

Hope the weather is as lovely where you are, it's so beautiful here.

I love summer, and I'm very tempted to paint paint each of my nails a different summery colour but don't think that would go down well in work tonight haha!

On to some crafting, I'm loving these treat cups so much, I think they are just so fantastic.

As you may already know, my little sister is expecting and I've gone into Auntie overdrive on the shopping front - so wanted to make a little 'pre-baby' card to go with some of the things I'm going to give to her early.

I combined a treat cup with the Something Sweet stamp set to make a little rattle, filled with some beads so it makes a satisfying noise!

Ooo, and last night I went with one of my friends to see SATC2... was a little worried as some people have said they were disappointed but I thought it was great! Very funny and just what you need to lift your spirits :)

Thanks for stopping by,
take care.

2 lovely people have commented :):

Bekka said...

Love the card Nicci and glad you enjoyed the film - I want to go but OH is somewhat reluctant!

LME said...

Great card :)