Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Your a star!

I forgot I hadn't posted these!

As a Stampin' Up! demo we have a lot of support to help us run our business the way we want to, whether that be as a discount demo (who signs up purl for the discount on their own orders and maybe puts one or two through for a friend etc) or a career demo who builds a downline and gains incentive trips etc.

We have a service called Demo Support which is based in Germany.
The UK demo support staff are called Chris and Eileen.

They work so hard to help us with any queries or problems we may have.
On ILWS, Keren had the brilliant idea of doing a 'Demo Support Appreciation Day' where we all send a card to one or both of them to arrive on the same day (so hopefully they are inundated with cards!) - how I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when they all arrived!

I made the same card for both Chris and Eileen but changed the colours.

I used the star punch and our Schoolbook Sherif Alphabet stamp set for the letters then added some detail to the edges with the mat pack and piercing tool.

The day they arrived it just so happened my upline Bekka was on the phone to Chris and the poor little lamb is now worried what we all might have planned for convention *insert evil laugh - mwahhahaa!!* As last year was the first European convention (Chris especially) was practically mobbed!

I think it was such a lovely idea, a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) that I'm sure made their day!

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LME said...

They are great :)

Bekka said...

Great cards Nicci and I am sure C & E loved them all.