Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Wednesday already?

HI everyone, is it really Wednesday already?

I've been so pre-occupied with little Connor that I haven't crafted since he was born - and he's not even my child!!

I really need to get back into the craft room though as my sister needs a truckload of thank you cards making.

Here are the birth announcement cards I made for the new parents.

This is using a Stampin' Up! stamp set that retired last year but I kept it for my own use - which reminds me!
As of the 1st of September Stampin' Up! will be releasing their last chance list which will give you all the stamp sets, accessories, ribbons etc that will not be carried over into the next catty so my advice is get it before it's gone!

All the details will be filled out and a cute little picture of the baby inside so mummy and daddy can give them to friends and relatives to remember all the particulars.

Hopefully I won't leave it another week before blogging although I'm off to V at the weekend so depending on what state I am when I get back I'll be blogging Monday!

Thanks for stopping by,
take care.

3 lovely people have commented :):

Vicki said...

Hello stranger, I knew exactly where you'd be and what you'd be doing, drooling over the
These are gorgeous Nicci and I've had an idea too, bring the baby to convention (yay! ;)

Not sure his mum will agree...ha ha

Vicki x

Nicci said...

I wish I could bring him Vicki, he's a little angel! X

Bekka said...

Very pretty Aunty Nicci!

Have fun