Saturday, 27 December 2008

I've been a good girl !

Hello everyone, hope you all had a very Happy Christmas!

Below is a card I made for Stu, it's different to the ones I normally make but thought it was cute. I saw a similar one that was sent to a friend, it was a Santa face and the hat folded down for the message space. I thought a Reindeer would be a nice alternative and with the face and front legs, thought it would give some more interest with the folds, what do you think?

I must have been a good girl, Santa [Stu lol] brought me loads of crafty goodies. Can't wait to get playing with them! I also got a new camera which I love, so there is no excuse now for me not to upload a million and one pictures !

Christmas day was lovely, just a nice family day and then drinking with my mates in the night.

I managed to make some sour cream containers for the table and filled my sisters with a ring, my dads with a miniature aftershave and the dogs with some treats! (I filled my one with chocolates yum!)

I also had a go at making a magnetic bookmark as a present, saw a demo on YouTube and just adapted it a little.

Just catching up on the soaps, speak to you all again in the New Year. Hope yours is full of happiness and health x x

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Billie said...

Wow you were a good girl wern't you. What FAB pressies, I'd have been in 7th heaven too ;)

I got a camera too, sooo tempting to photograph anything that moves, and anything that doesn't.

Here's an exucuse to take lots of photos and a challenge for you too. Please can you do a tutorial on how to make the sour cream boxes, they look very handy?

Happy New Year

Billie xx