Friday, 5 December 2008

Ooh, it feels like Christmas!

I feel so Christmassy! Only 3 days 'till I go to Disneyland Paris - I so hope it snows!! ( but not until we land...)

I've finished most of my Christmas card orders and typically my camera has give up on its life, so I've taken some photos on my phone so they're not the best quality and when i work out how to blue tooth them to my laptop I'll share them with you.

Putting our decorations up soon too and I'm very proud of myself for having all my presents bought and wrapped! (how organised am I?!) just hope the dog doesn't get to them again this year ha ha.

I've been making some Christmas gifts too, can't reveal too much right now as certain people may be having a peek (Hello Mum!)

I would love to hear what you've been making.

Thanks for stopping by x x

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Bekka said...

Hi there :-)

Well dont on getting everything organised already - I have hardly started and am aiming to make a lot of our gifts this year :-/

Have a wonderful time in Paris - I am looking forward to all the pictures - crafty and holiday

Have fun