Friday, 30 October 2009

This time next week...

...I'll be in Germany for Stampin' Up!'s first ever Europe convention!!
I'm so excited its untrue!
Slightly nervous about going on my own but it'll be worth it to meet up with all the lovely SU! demo's.

I've got 100 swaps made so far, I'm hoping to cram in a few more last minute if I can, and that's really why I've been kinda quiet recently - apologies - I will take pictures of the swaps and share them with you once I'm back, I can't wait to see what everyone else has created.

And on some non-crafty but realllly moany (lol, sorry!) related news I found out I'm allergic to milk - eekk! That means no chocolate - nooooo!!!!!!!!

Apparently, when I was a baby I was allergic to cows milk and 'grew out of it' but recently my mum noticed from my complaining that I'd got some of the same symptoms back and already being a fussy vegetarian, this means I'm a {although forced} vegan... as if there wasn't enough things I couldn't eat !

Thankfully, I've been told I'm only cutting out dairy for a short period of time then introducing things like eggs and cheese back into my diet and see how I get on. I suppose there's not much I can do about that if I want to feel normal again, so best get on with it!

I'll have to get searching for non-diary recipes online.

And my wisdom tooth is coming through :o(

Sorry, no more moaning from me, just wanted to update you to let you know I've not abandoned my little blog!

Thanks for stopping by,
take care.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Playing with...

...Punches !

I've always loved punches, there's so much you can do with them. I've seen a lot of 'punch art' characters around and was itching to try my hand at them and this is what I've done! (Apologises for the poor pictures, I can't believe how dark it's gone today! Dark and dreary, boo hoo! but perfect for crafting in the warm! Yay!)

I just love them, you can do soooo many different animals, characters, punctuation and even punch people! They look great on cards, I shall be doing some shortly and will of course share them with you.

I hope that's inspired you to have a try and use your punches in different ways than you normally would.

And now onto some news from Stampin' Up!

If you have been thinking about becoming a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator are wondering what its all about now really is the time to join.

The Stampin’ Up! Starter kit is great value! It contains over £240’s worth of product and business materials and really is a fantastic way to get going with your business. You can swap over some of the colours, ink and the stamp sets to make it really personal and something you'll enjoy using and demoing every time.

Normally this kit costs £139 but if you sign up between 22 October and 13 November it will cost you just £125! That's a 10% saving on top of the normal savings from the starter kit!

For more information or if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me. I'm trying to group my team and new members are always welcome.

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take care.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Another tutorial...

...recycle those ribbon scraps!!

I’ve seen this done on YouTube by a lady called JewelsPaperJewels and thought it was a fantastic way to use all those ribbon scraps that you have left over (I tend to over estimate how much I need and if the ribbon is going on my first layer I don’t wrap it right around, shhhh!!)

The lady on the video can probably demonstrate this better than I can but here goes:

As I mentioned, I often wrap the loose ends around the back of my first layer. Then, I have these scraps left over. I’d say, approx. 1 1/2” is best to use for this technique.

Cut another length of ribbon (or use another scrap if you have one long enough) and loop over, I always go left over right – so it’s easier to follow I’ve marked the left end with a pink dot. Then you’re left with something that reminds me of the Breast Cancer Care ribbon.

Then, if you did it the same as me with left over right, you take the pink dotted end now on the right, and tuck it up through the loop keeping the ribbon flat.

Then lay it flat on the work surface. It’s hard to see from the pictures but basically, where my thumb is in the picture above, that part has been put flat against the paper. Then tighten slightly by pulling on the ends but keep the knot open (see below)

Next, feed a scrap piece of ribbon keeping it flat through the loop you have just made.

And tighten !!

Then just trim nicely and voila!!

You can use different colours or even double up your scraps.

Happy recycling !

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Take care.


Thursday, 1 October 2009

Holding my breath...

...and a white rabbit.

Ohh, quick I'm connected!! Holding my breath as to not disconnect lol.

Just a quick post to say that the 1st of October is here (hence the white rabbit - wonder where that superstition came from? Shall google it if my connection stays intact!) That means the new Stampin' Up! idea book & catalogue is offically out and I've added it to the side bar for you all to virtually drool over!

Happy drooling!

Thanks for stopping by,
Take care