Saturday, 27 December 2008

I've been a good girl !

Hello everyone, hope you all had a very Happy Christmas!

Below is a card I made for Stu, it's different to the ones I normally make but thought it was cute. I saw a similar one that was sent to a friend, it was a Santa face and the hat folded down for the message space. I thought a Reindeer would be a nice alternative and with the face and front legs, thought it would give some more interest with the folds, what do you think?

I must have been a good girl, Santa [Stu lol] brought me loads of crafty goodies. Can't wait to get playing with them! I also got a new camera which I love, so there is no excuse now for me not to upload a million and one pictures !

Christmas day was lovely, just a nice family day and then drinking with my mates in the night.

I managed to make some sour cream containers for the table and filled my sisters with a ring, my dads with a miniature aftershave and the dogs with some treats! (I filled my one with chocolates yum!)

I also had a go at making a magnetic bookmark as a present, saw a demo on YouTube and just adapted it a little.

Just catching up on the soaps, speak to you all again in the New Year. Hope yours is full of happiness and health x x

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Ho Ho Ho..

.. Merry Christmas!

It's nearly here and I've still got so much to do. Got to venture into town on Tuesday for last minute bits which should be an experience... but thankfully I've managed to finish my Christmas card orders and only have 3 more personal ones to complete.

How is everyone getting on? Are you all up to date?
I really can't believe it'll be Christmas in 5 days!! I hope it snows!

Hope everyone has a fantastic time, see you soon


Friday, 12 December 2008

I worked it out...

... or my boyfriend did anyway. Sorry for the quality, my phone camera isn't the best. Hope they come out OK and not too blurry.

Catching up

Wow, what a lovely week! Disneyland Paris was amazing, all done up christmassy. I felt like a little kid again.

On the way home it started to snow, they even had some dude on a cherry picker De-icing the plane!

Ive managed to take a photo of an 81st birthday card I did for my boyfriends Nan before my camera stopped working and have uploaded it as I've not put any pictures up of my work yet.

I still haven't worked out how to blue tooth the pictures from my phone to this laptop but once i do they'll be straight up here.

I got a shock in work on Wednesday when someone said it was only two weeks till Christmas! Thought i was organised until that point, then i panicked [how come pay day seems to take so long to come around but Christmas whizzes up so fast??] I really need to get my own cards and gifts ready!

I went to the dentist this morning for my final veneer fitting (how can one tooth costs soooo much?) it's finally in but boy, was he rough! He nearly lifted me off the chair fitting it ha ha.
Anyway, it's all done and dusted now so hopefully wont need to pay him another visit for a while.

Hope everyone is well and do keep checking back, I promise once I get my new camera for Christmas I'll be uploading a lot more pictures of my cards and projects.

Thanks for stopping by, x x

Friday, 5 December 2008

Ooh, it feels like Christmas!

I feel so Christmassy! Only 3 days 'till I go to Disneyland Paris - I so hope it snows!! ( but not until we land...)

I've finished most of my Christmas card orders and typically my camera has give up on its life, so I've taken some photos on my phone so they're not the best quality and when i work out how to blue tooth them to my laptop I'll share them with you.

Putting our decorations up soon too and I'm very proud of myself for having all my presents bought and wrapped! (how organised am I?!) just hope the dog doesn't get to them again this year ha ha.

I've been making some Christmas gifts too, can't reveal too much right now as certain people may be having a peek (Hello Mum!)

I would love to hear what you've been making.

Thanks for stopping by x x

Friday, 28 November 2008

Oh dear...

Hi everyone, what a week. Been mad mad busy with Christmas card orders (eek, 27 days to go...) along with my own. Will try and post some pictures during the week if I get a chance. Working evenings doesn't seem to agree with me anymore, is it acceptable to get up at 1:30pm?? Te he.

On the upside I managed to get a few crafty goodies including some gorge 'Raw goods' albums from We R Memory Keepers which are fabby and I cant wait to have a play.

A friend of mine asked me to alter a photo album for them as a wedding present. I'm glad to say it worked out great, I've got the bug now and want to do more.

So, if that wasn't enough to have me rushing around like a banshee, I had a little panic attack with my baby tooth (yes I still have/had a baby tooth at the grand old age of 22 lol) which is now concealed by a temporary one which looks pretty awful. Gotta go back in 2 weeks for the proper porcelain veneer [Gulp - bit on the pricey side, not what you need just before Christmas] but then that's my luck!

Lots to look forward to though, night out with the girlie's tomorrow and Disneyland Paris on the 8th of December - yippee!

Cya soon, thanks for stopping by x x

Friday, 21 November 2008

My brand sparkling new blog!

Hi everyone, welcome to my new blog, I'm very excited to finally have one.

Please excuse the 'emptiness' of my page, I can be a bit of a technophobe at times lol.

I encourage you to have a nose every once in a while and welcome your comments.

So, I'll start by just having a bit of a babble about me and everyday life.

Well, I'm 22 years old, live at home with my dad and little sis and have a -very- big baby called Paddy who's a gorgeous 4 year old German Shepherd. I work full time evenings so have the house to myself during the day which is when I get my hourly fix of crafty goodness.

Just a little blurb, hopefully the start of many.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you here again very soon.